Hike to Woodlands TownPark East

 Welcome to Woodlands Town Park East. This Park was featured in a documentary on CNA. Prior to this I did not know of this place. The hiking group I was with decided to pay this park a visit.

We met at Marsiling Station and from here we started our hike with great anticipation. However, our spirits were dampened as there was a heavy downpour in our unpredictable local weather. So we adjunct to a nearby coffee-shop for a cuppa to wait out the rain. After about half an hour when the weather seemed to clear, we put on our raincoats and proceeded with the hike. There was still a slight drizzle but the morning was very cooling, perfect for hiking. After a short walk, we reached Woodlands Swimming Complex and Woodlands street 13. Just across the street is a flight of steps leading to the Park.

The Park is on top of a hill, that is the reason for its existence. Though it's not a very long flight, neither is it insignificant. To lead our hiking group, I had to recce how to get here, so I cycled here a few days before to check out the place. I thought it would be a piece of cake to carry my bike up the steps, before I even reached halfway, I was panting like a dog. Decided to abandon the idea and live to fight another day. The icing on the cake was I lost my way and cycled a longer distance back home than planned. With tongue almost hanging to the jaw I finally arrived home. Gobbled up a bottle of 100 plus and fell asleep after washing down my foldable bike....story continues


  1. Streetsing, you are back finally! So happy to see your story ... so funny!

    1. Yes :) Past few months a bit busy. Of late out hiking with a group and less street photography :)


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